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Thu March 21, 2013
Colorado Wonders

VIDEO: Loveland Pass Appears In Commercial, Colorado Calls Shenanigans

Screencap of a McLaren/Pirelli commercial filmed at Loveland Pass

Beautiful vistas, well-known mountain passes, expensive sports cars, and a chance to hit the slopes. Just another day in Colorado...

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Tue December 18, 2012
Colorado Wonders

VIDEO: See 28 Years Of Changes In Colorado Pass Right Before Your Eyes

Screencap from the Video showing Longmont as seen by Landsat 5 in approx. 2008. Video courtesy of Randall Boone, NREL


Tue September 25, 2012
Colorado Wonders

VIDEO: Colorado Math, Hang Glider + Fall In Steamboat = WOW

Screencap of the flight over Steamboat Springs. The gondola building is pictured to the right, the base village at the top and the city of Steamboat in the upper right.


Thu September 6, 2012


Wed July 11, 2012

Sinkhole Near Leadville Turns Out To Be Century-old Railroad Tunnel

CDOT Facebook Page CDOT

With the summer travel season well underway in Colorado, US24 north of Leadville is now closed by a little bit of history. A long forgotten and collapsed railroad tunnel finally revealed itself with a sinkhole.

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