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Mon April 7, 2014
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What Not To Miss At CU's 2014 Conference On World Affairs

Pictured here the 65th Conference on World Affairs; the audience listening to Hedrick Smith in Macky Auditorium.
Credit Cedar Spring Wolf / Courtesy of University of Colorado, Boulder

Billed as the conference on “everything conceivable,” the Conference on World Affairs begins Monday, April 7. The annual event at the University of Colorado, Boulder includes 200 events that pretty much cover the gamut.

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Sun April 7, 2013


Thu April 12, 2012

The Power of Social Media: Conference on World Affairs 2012

64th Annual Conference on World Affairs

The panel discussing  social media at this year's Conference on World Affairs was in agreement that it is a double- edged sword that can both help and hinder a cause.

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Mon April 9, 2012

At the Conference on World Affairs, a Call for Civility in Politics

Kirk Siegler

In Boulder, the 64th Annual Conference on World Affairs got underway Monday with a rousing call for more civil dialogue in national and local politics from the founder of the bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

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Mon April 9, 2012

2012 Conference on World Affairs has Political Focus

The 64th annual Conference on World Affairs has diverted from its usual broad theme to point specifically this year to “Political Dialogue As It Should Be.”

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