Thu June 9, 2011
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Americans To Health Plans: Pay For The Pill

Does your health insurance cover birth control pills?

After asking Americans for their views on abortion recently, we decided to follow up with questions about birth control pills and family planning.

Specifically, should health insurance — both private policies and those bought with government assistance — cover the cost of oral contraceptives?

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Wed June 1, 2011
Health Care

Abortion Foes Push To Redefine Personhood

Originally published on Wed June 1, 2011 5:01 pm

After a sperm fertilizes an egg, cells divide in a stage called a blastocyst. Doctors say pregnancy doesn't start until the blastocyst implants into the woman's uterus.

Last year's GOP takeover of the U.S. House and statehouses across the country has dramatically changed the shape of the nation's abortion debate. It has also given a boost to an even more far-reaching effort: the push to legally redefine when life itself begins.

The question being raised in legal terms is: When does someone become a person?

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