Wed November 21, 2012
Shots - Health News

OB-GYNs Say No Prescription Should Be Needed To Get The Pill

Originally published on Wed November 21, 2012 11:01 am

Time for oral contraceptives to be available without a prescription?

The time has come for the pill to be available over-the-counter, the nation's leading group of obstetricians and gynecologists says.

Why? "There's a 50 percent unintended pregnancy rate in the U.S., which is extremely high for a resource-rich country," says Dr. James T. Breeden, president of the American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynecologists. Easier access to oral contraceptives could go a long way to bringing that number down, he tells Shots.

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Thu November 15, 2012
The Two-Way

Family Planning Is A Human Right, Says U.N.

U.N. Population Fund executive director Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Aug. 29, 2012 in Myanmar.
Khin Maung Win AP

Everybody in the world should have access to contraception, says the United Nations Population Fund. By simply helping women space and limit the number of children will add billions of dollars to the world economy, improve global health, increase women's education (which in turn boosts economic output) and save lives.

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Tue October 2, 2012
Shots - Health Blog

How Some Parents Could Learn Adult Daughters' Birth Control Habits

Originally published on Thu October 4, 2012 7:53 am

An insurer's note could tip parents to their adult daughter's use of the pill.

The 2010 health law removes one of the big barriers to contraception for many young women: cost. But if they don't feel confident that the care they will receive is confidential, these women may not take advantage of it.

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Fri September 14, 2012
It's All Politics

Ryan Slams Obama On Social Issues And Foreign Policy

Originally published on Fri September 14, 2012 2:31 pm

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan speaks Friday at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.
Mandel Ngan AFP/Getty Images

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan used an appearance at an annual gathering of his party's social conservatives Friday to pointedly criticize President Obama's foreign policy record and to testify to his own Catholic faith and opposition to abortion.

"We're all in this together," said Ryan, a representative from Wisconsin, echoing a theme of Obama's convention speech. "It has a nice ring."

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Wed September 5, 2012
Shots - Health Blog

Vaginal Ring Protects Monkeys From HIV-Like Infection

Originally published on Fri September 7, 2012 10:10 am

A small, plastic vaginal ring loaded up with an HIV drug protects monkeys from infection with simian immunodeficiency virus.
Julie Sitney Courtesy of the Population Council

When it comes to contraception, women have many options. There are pills, patches, diaphragms and even a vaginal ring that slowly releases birth control hormones.

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