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Wed October 9, 2013
Craft Beer

Meet Dave, A 19-Year-Old Craft Beer With A $2,000 Price Tag

Originally published on Fri October 11, 2013 4:00 pm

Hair of the Dog releases a few bottles of Dave a year. In September, the 12 bottles of Dave on sale for $2,000 apiece sold out within a few hours.
Courtesy of Alan Sprints

Hair of the Dog Brewery in Portland, Ore., makes a beer so rare, and so sought after, that it can fetch $2,000 a bottle.

It's called Dave. And no, it's not something out of a Portlandia sketch.

Dave is a barleywine — a strong, dark beer with 29 percent alcohol content. It's been aged for 19 years, first in oak barrels and then glass bottles.

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Wed October 9, 2013
GABF 2013

Is The Great American Beer Festival Too Great?

More than 3,000 types of beer will be served during the 2013 GABF, the biggest selection of American beers ever served.
Brewers Association

Denver's Great American Beer Fest gets underway Thursday. It can be a make or break moment for brewers - if their beer receives an award. When brewer registration slots sold out in less than two hours, many were left on waiting lists for the ‘Super Bowl’ of beer festivals.

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Wed October 9, 2013
Craft Beer

Your Favorite Beer May Become Your Favorite Ingredient

Originally published on Wed October 9, 2013 10:10 am

Peter Ogburn for NPR

Craft beer is having its moment. Microbreweries and craft beer operations are thriving, and weekend warriors spend hours in the garage honing recipes and sharing test batches. Beer is what friends drink when they get together. It's fun. It's accessible. You rarely see people sipping glasses of wine at a tailgate or a backyard barbecue.

Wine is what people think of for fine cooking — steaks with red wine reduction and mussels with white wine sauce. However, beer has a place on the stove, too.

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Tue September 10, 2013
Craft Beer

Why Aren't There More People Of Color In Craft Brewing?

Originally published on Wed September 11, 2013 7:38 am

Michael Ferguson, of the BJ's Restaurants group, is one of only a small handful of African-Americans who make beer for a living.
Greg Barna Courtesy 'Beer Geeks'

Michael Ferguson sometimes jokingly refers to himself among colleagues as "the other black brewer."

That's because Ferguson, of the BJ's Restaurants group, is one of only a small handful of African-Americans who make beer for a living. Latinos and Asian-Americans are scarce within the brewing community, too.

"For the most part, you've got a bunch of white guys with beards making beer," says Yiga Miyashiro, a Japanese-American brewer with Saint Archer Brewery in San Diego.

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Mon September 9, 2013
Craft Beer

Craft Beer's Success Makes Sam Adams Founder A Billionaire

Originally published on Mon September 9, 2013 1:38 pm

Founder and Chairman of the Boston Beer Co. Jim Koch has seen shares of his company rise from $20 in 2009 to a record $227 Monday.
Isaac Brekken Getty Images

These are good times for craft beers — and not just for people who like to drink them, but for those who make them. As an example, look to the brewer of Sam Adams. Boston Beer Co.'s soaring stock price has made its founder, Jim Koch, into a billionaire, Bloomberg News reports.

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