Division of Insurance


Thu October 3, 2013
Business Report

State Regulators Probe Complaints Of Healthcare Rate Threats

Screencap of Colorado's health insurance exchange website

As Coloradans begin shopping for health insurance via the newly opened exchange,  the Division of Insurance is looking into letters some people say they’ve gotten from their insurance carriers warning of higher rates if they don’t renew their existing policies.

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Wed November 2, 2011

‘Consumer-friendly’ Insurance Website Difficult To Maneuver

A new website that is being touted as a consumer-friendly tool to navigate the complexities of health insurance rates is difficult to maneuver and understand.
Colorado Division of Insurance

Would you like to know why health insurance rates have jumped so much in Colorado? Good luck.

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Mon August 1, 2011
Children's Healthcare

Open Enrollment for Child-Only Health Policies Begins

Colorado Division of Insurance

Today begins a month-long open enrollment period for Colorado kids who don’t have health coverage under a family policy or program such as Medicaid.

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