Doug Lamborn


Mon December 12, 2011

Federal Budget Fights Cause Frustration At Hospitals

Dr. Amanda Schultz works with a patient in the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center’s Physician Services division in Alamosa, Colorado. The San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center is an integrated healthcare facility with the only full service hospita
San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center

The fighting in Washington over potential cuts to Medicare has created worry and uncertainty at hospitals throughout Colorado, particularly in rural areas.

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Wed August 24, 2011

Colorado Republicans Criticize Obama Administration over Shale Development

Capitol News Connection

Oil embedded in Colorado and other western states could help kick the nation of its dependency on foreign sources, if only the industry knew how to harvest it. Two Colorado congressmen say the Obama administration is standing in the way.

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Wed July 13, 2011

Congressman Lamborn, Gardner Not Phased by Predictions of Financial Disaster

Two Colorado Congressmen are among those digging in their heels over raising the debt ceiling.

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