Dr. Eric Cornell


Wed November 2, 2011

Eric Cornell- Seven Years with One Arm

Eric Cornell, along with Carl Wieman, synthesized the first Bose–Einstein condensate in 1995. They both share a 2001 Nobel Prize for Physics with Wolfgang Ketterle.
jila.colorado.edu Courtesy of the Cornell Group

He knows he woke up in a hospital, but he doesn’t remember it. He recalls wondering if his arm was wrapped in gauze, out of sight beneath the sheets. Then he realized. His left arm and shoulder had been amputated in a last ditch effort to save his life.

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Thu September 27, 2007

Colorado Profiles: Eric Cornell

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on an earlier version of KUNC.org on 2007-09-27.

Each month during 2007 - the KUNC newsroom is profiling notable Coloradans who embody the unique spirit of our state. University of Colorado Physicist and Nobel Laureate Eric Cornell has experienced life's extremes. As KUNC's Brian Larson reports - Cornell's can do attitude and positive outlook - may outweigh his triumphs in the laboratory.

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