Wed August 28, 2013
Sound Advice

Here’s What Advice From Colorado’s Talking Urinals Sounds Like

Daniel Lobo Flickr - Creative Commons

Faced with the challenge of reaching young men with a message to deter drunk driving, Colorado's Department of Transportation has turned to a new tool. The 'Interactive Urinal Communicator.'

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Mon August 26, 2013

CDOT Hopes Potty Talk Will Deter Drunk Driving

Daniel Lobo Flickr - Creative Commons


Sat August 24, 2013
The Salt

Wine Has Sommeliers. Now, Beer Has Cicerones

Originally published on Sat August 24, 2013 6:08 pm

Ray Daniels inspects a glass of beer. A Chicago brewer, Daniels started the Cicerone training program five years ago.
Johnny Knight Courtesy of Ray Daniels

If you've been to a fancy restaurant, you've probably seen a sommelier — those wine experts who make sure you get the best possible match for your meal. But what if you don't want a chardonnay or pinot? What if you want a nice cold beer?

A new program is working to bring this same level of knowledge to the world of malt and hops by turning out batches of certified beer experts known as Cicerones.

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Thu August 15, 2013
The Salt

If You Liked That Wine, You Should've Put A Ring On It

Originally published on Fri August 16, 2013 1:53 pm

Not just for single ladies:
Courtesy of Remy Martin

Oh, Beyonce would be so proud.

Blurring the lines between jewelry and glassware, a Turkish art student has designed a set of rings made specifically for sniffing and sipping Remy Martin cognac and other adult beverages.

One ring perches a petite wineglass upon your finger. Another is a miniature snifter, attached to your hand — so you'll always be ready if you stumble upon some Robin Thicke limited edition V.S.O.P.

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Thu August 15, 2013
The Two-Way

Pine Ridge Reservation Lifts Century-Old Alcohol Ban

Originally published on Thu August 15, 2013 10:25 am

A sign on a building in Whiteclay, Neb., urging Pine Ridge Indian Reservation residents to approve the legalization of alcohol sales.
Carson Walker AP

Native Americans at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota have voted to overturn a more than century-old ban on alcohol in a decision that critics say will spur an increase in already high rates of domestic abuse, suicide and infant mortality.

Tribe members finalized the vote count Wednesday: 1,871 for legalization and 1,679 against.

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