Fri February 8, 2013


Thu February 7, 2013
Forest Health

Tiny Beetle Still Causing Big Problems

Image acquired Sept. 11, 2005, before beetle infestation
Credit Robert Simmon / NASA Earth Observatory


Thu February 7, 2013

As Drought Lingers, Colorado Tries to Prevent Economic Dryout

Aerial views of drought-affected Colorado farm lands in July 2012, 83 miles east of Denver. Green areas are irrigated, yellow areas are dryland wheat crops
Lance Cheung U.S. Dept of Agriculture


Wed February 6, 2013

As Drought Intensifies, 2 States Dig In Over Water War

Originally published on Wed February 6, 2013 5:28 pm

Harlan County Lake, the Republican River's main reservoir in Nebraska, dropped 10 feet during the summer drought and hasn't recovered.
Grant Gerlock

Epic water battles are the stuff of history and legend, especially in the West. And as a severe drought drags on in the Midwest, a water war is being waged over a river that irrigates agriculture in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.

It's that last border crossing where this water war is under way. Kansas has gone to the Supreme Court to argue that Nebraska uses too much water from the Republican River, and that there's not enough left for Kansas farmers.

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Mon February 4, 2013

Drought Raises Stakes on Republican River

Mark Taddiken has watched the Republican River rise and fall in north-central Kansas. Three-quarters of his land is irrigated with water from the river.
Grant Gerlock Harvest Public Media

There’s a border war going in the Midwest and it’s over water. Kansas and Nebraska have been battling for years over the water in the Republican River, which runs from Colorado to Kansas, through Nebraska.

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