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Thu December 29, 2011

Valued For Dedication As Food Bank Volunteer

Food Bank staff member Bob Swanson stands with Food Bank volunteer Tina Deringer after she received the Volunteer of the Year award for the Food Bank for Larimer County.
Food Bank for Larimer County

Approximately 13,000 people come to the Food Bank for Larimer County every month to pick up basic food items that they cannot afford. It takes someone with genuine compassion to care for the individuals who pass through those doors each day. The Food Bank has found that in veteran volunteer Tina Deringer.

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Sun December 25, 2011

Rosa Gonzales Gives Emergency Assistance

Rosa Gonzales works out of the Murphy Center that houses several organizations that help those in desperate financial situations.
Daniel Skeen

You have a $932 utility bill and no way to pay it. Imagine that it’s winter, and if your electricity gets shut off, you will have no heat. Imagine you have a daughter who just had surgery and can’t work and has four kids you for which you are caring.

That’s only one situation that Rosa Gonzales has dealt with as the emergency assistance coordinator of Catholic Charities of Larimer County. The agency is a recipient of the Northern Colorado Empty Stocking Fund.

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Mon December 19, 2011

An Artist, Caretaker And Food Bank User

In an attempt to put her gratitude for the Food Bank for Larimer County into words, Kitt Caylor gathers her thoughts. Caylor started using the Food Bank in 2004 after a run-in with the West Nile virus that left her ill for three years.
Taryn Chock Colorado State University

On a windy day in November, Kitt Caylor sits at her favorite bookstore, Anthology, sipping on a cup of coffee. She looks like any other 69-year-old woman.

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Sun December 18, 2011

Catholic Charities Of Weld Offers Help For Seniors

Loretta Shacklee sits behind her $400 worth of medications Thursday, afternoon.
Joshua Polson Greeley Tribune

At 77 years old, Loretta Shaklee of Greeley found herself in a position she wasn’t quite used to. She needed help. And she needed it quick.

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Fri December 16, 2011

Connections: Advocacy & Assistance For The Community

Machelle Pacheco was left in constant pain after an auto accident. Pacheco had a difficult time receiving aid and was trying to receive SSDI. Connections has helped Pacheco by being a strong advocate
Ann Vargas Greeley Tribune

To walk into Connections for Independent Living’s downtown Greeley location is to be greeted with brightly colored walls, open communal spaces, inspirational posters, a friendly smile and an introduction to Flash, the excitable blue betta fish. A warm welcome is only the beginning; the staff members work tirelessly to help people with any type of disability to gain the self-confidence, legal aid and funds necessary to live independently.

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