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Wed August 7, 2013
The Two-Way

The Road That Gives Electric Vehicles A Charge

An electric city bus in Gumi, South Korea, is part of a program using electromagnetic fields to charge batteries of electric vehicles.

A city in South Korea flipped the switch on a road this week that will provide an electric charge to commuter buses on an inner-city route, officials say. The wireless power will be used to run two buses on round-trip routes of 24 kilometers (nearly 15 miles).

The charging road would allow electric vehicles to have much smaller batteries, according to researchers, and to be recharged whether they're parked or on the move.

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Mon July 29, 2013
The Two-Way

BMW's Electric Compact May Come With An Optional SUV Backup

Originally published on Mon July 29, 2013 10:37 am

BMW's electric i3 Concept is presented before the Paris Motor Show last September. The car was officially unveiled Monday; purchasers can reportedly opt for using a gas-powered SUV several weeks each year.
AFP AFP/Getty Images

As it unveils its all-electric i3 compact sedan Monday, BMW also plans to offer buyers the option of booking a gas-powered SUV for a few weeks every year, according to reports. The move is part of BMW's efforts to ease customers' concerns about relying on an electric vehicle year-round, particularly for long family trips.

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Thu July 25, 2013
Business Report

NoCo Group Hopes To Drive EV Demand With More Spots To Charge

An electric vehicle soaks up a charge in Denver
Peter Burgess Creative Commons/Flickr

An organization working to encourage greater use of electric vehicles is heading up an effort to add more than a dozen charging stations throughout Fort Collins and Loveland.

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Fri June 14, 2013
Middle East

Can Captain Sunshine Save The Israeli Electric Car Dream?

Originally published on Sun June 16, 2013 6:19 am

American-Israeli solar entrepreneur Yosef Abramowitz, aka Captain Sunshine, speaks during a rally of electric car owners in Israel.
Emily Harris/NPR

Captain Sunshine wears a yellow yarmulke, yellow T-shirt and a bright-yellow cape held around his shoulders with a silky red ribbon. At a recent rally of about 200 electric-car owners in Israel, he called out questions to the crowd.

"We're saying to the government and to the army," he shouted through a squawky mic, "20 percent of your fleets should be electric cars. Do you agree?"

The crowd cheered yes.

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Thu May 23, 2013
Business Report

A Cleaner Way To Power Electric Vehicles

A solar charging station in a parking lot
Michael Hicks Flickr - Creative Commons