Thu March 15, 2012

Polis Calls for More Drilling Regulations

Rep. Polis met with Erie resident Rob Brueke Wednesday who's concerned about the proximity of drill rigs to his land.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

Congressman Jared Polis says the state of Colorado isn’t doing enough to regulate oil and gas drilling as it spreads into densely populated neighborhoods along the Front Range.

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Tue March 13, 2012

Udall, Bennet Disappointed by Senate Wind Tax Vote

The US Senate has rejected the latest attempt to extend a popular wind energy production tax credit, even as wind power companies in states such as Colorado are threatening mass-layoffs if the credit goes away as it’s scheduled to at the end of the year.

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Tue March 13, 2012

F. Sherwood Rowland, Warned Of Aerosol's Danger

F. Sherwood Rowland, pictured here in 1989, was one of three chemists who shared the 1995 Nobel Prize for chemistry for work on discovering chemicals that deplete the Earth's ozone layer.
University of California AP

The man who warned us that aerosol spray-cans could destroy the earth's protective ozone layer has died.

F. Sherwood Rowland, better known as Sherry Rowland, was a Nobel-prize winning chemist at the University of California, Irvine. And he didn't just keep to the laboratory: He successfully advocated for a ban on ozone-destroying chemicals called CFCs.

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Tue March 13, 2012
The Salt

The Big Gulp: Dolphins Don't Have Time To Savor Their Food

Dolphins and other marine mammals may lack the ability to taste their treats. Blame evolution.
Joe Raedle Getty Images

Anyone who's visited an aquarium or watched "Flipper" reruns knows how happy those dolphins look when they score a nice fat fish. But they might not be tasting that fish at all.

That's the news from a study from researchers who tested the DNA of wild animals to see if they could taste sweet, bitter, and umami (or savory) flavor.

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Mon March 12, 2012
The Two-Way

F. Sherwood Rowland, Who Warned Of Thinning Ozone, Has Died

F. Sherwood Rowland.
Steve Zylius University of California, Irvine

F. Sherwood Rowland was the man who issued an early warning to the world: In a lab, some 40 years ago, he and a post-doctoral student Mario Molina found that chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) — the byproducts of everyday things like hairsprays and deodorants — had the potential to destroy the Earth's atmosphere. Rowland found that a single chlorine atom could destroy 100,000 ozone atoms in the stratosphere.

The University of California, Irvine, where he taught, announced that Rowland had died on Saturday. He was 84.

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