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Wed March 9, 2011
National Security

New Concern About Bias in Counterterror Training

Lt. Col. Reid Sawyer, a career intelligence officer, runs the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. This week, at a New York Fire Department training center, Sawyer stood before a classroom of 40 fire marshals, chiefs and firefighters who are taking an 11-week course in terrorism. The evening's topic: the evolution of al-Qaida.

"So, the question is when you are sitting in the firehouses how do you make sense of the threat that is before you?" Sawyer asked the class. "How do you understand when you are reading the newspapers what it means?"

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Fri March 4, 2011

U.S. Says Missing Former FBI Agent Is Alive



We do not know all the facts surrounding a former FBI agent who's been missing but what we do know this morning is tantalizing enough. Robert Levinson disappeared four years ago while traveling in Iran. Now the State Department and members of his family say they have received what they call proof that he's alive. NPR's Mike Shuster has more.

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