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Thu July 3, 2014
Arts District

For Loveland Artists, Ancestral Ideas Inspire Contemporary Designs

Molten medal is poured into a sandcast mold at Ildanach Studios in Loveland.
Courtesy Ildanach Studios

With three large pots on the stove, you might think a multicourse meal is forthcoming. But artist Sheron Rowland is stewing bugs.

“Anytime you see sort of a waxy foam on a prickly pear cactus that’s Cochineal,” Rowland said. “It looks like mold or mildew but its Cochineal it’s a red insect.”

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Tue June 24, 2014
Arts & Life

Chihuly Draws Record Crowds To Denver Botanic Gardens

The "Monet Pool Fiori" sculpture by Dale Chihuly, at the Denver Botanic Garden
Stephanie Paige Ogburn KUNC

A towering pile of giant glass icicles greets visitors to Denver Botanic Gardens. It's part of the Chihuly exhibition, an installation of glass-and-steel sculptures that spring up like alien flowers among the garden's 24 acres.

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Mon May 26, 2014
Fine Art

From Yellowstone To Grand Canyon, WPA Posters Celebrate National Parks

Yellowstone serigraphs, circa 1939.
Courtesy of Doug Leen and the Interior Museum

If you've ever been to a national park and stopped off in the gift shop, you may have seen drawings of iconic park sights for sale as posters or post cards. The brightly colored print reproductions showcase the parks' impressive vistas, such as Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser and the Grand Canyon's overlooks.

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Fri May 23, 2014
Fine Art

Impressionists With Benefits? The Painting Partnership Of Degas And Cassatt

Originally published on Fri May 23, 2014 7:50 am

In a letter, Mary Cassatt describes working on Little Girl in a Blue Armchair (1878) with Edward Degas. An X-ray of the painting reveals brush strokes unlike Cassatt's regular strokes.
National Gallery of Art

In her novel I Always Loved You, author Robin Oliveira imagines a passionate scene between Edgar Degas — a French artist known for his paintings of dancers — and Mary Cassatt — an American painter known for her scenes of family life. The kiss in the novel is pure fiction, but then again, "nobody knows what goes on in their neighbor's house, let alone what happened between two artists 130 years ago," Oliveira says.

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Thu May 15, 2014
Arts District

When You Put The Public In Art, Opinions Go Way Past Yes And No

R&R studios' artist rendering of its public art piece "YES!" The project was scrapped by the city after intense public criticism.
Courtesy City of Boulder

Public art has a long history of sparking controversy. Take the case of the recently repaired Washington Monument in D.C. Now iconic, it weathered funding issues, warring political factions stealing building blocks, and the public rejecting a first attempt.

A proposed art installation in Boulder can now relate to the sting of public rejection.

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