Garden Report


Sat June 29, 2013
Garden Report

Bluegrass Can Purify Your Garden

Bluegrass can stay green if you don't cut it too short.
Credit Moyan Brenn / Flickr/creative commons

If you have Bluegrass in your yard, these tips will help keep it lush and green in the summer heat.

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Sat June 22, 2013
Garden Report

Want To Share Your Garden? Plant Irises

Iris will grow just about anywhere in Colorado, but if you want more blooms watering is advised.
Credit KarinConway / Wikimedia Commons

Need some garden currency? Irises are exceptionally durable and can be traded with other gardeners.

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Sat June 15, 2013
Garden Report

Don't Let Bugs Suck The Life Out Of Your Garden

Luke Jones Creative Commons/Flickr

With the June heat come June bugs, which seem to spring up out of nowhere, and can be frustrating to deal with in the garden.

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Sat June 8, 2013
Garden Report

Peonies: An Underutilized Perennial

Beautiful Japanese peonies come in a spectrum of beautiful pastel colors.
Credit Flickr / Wikimedia


Sat June 1, 2013
Garden Report

Early June Gardening

This mower may be old fashioned, but it gets the job done.
Credit Halley/Flickr / Wikimedia