Sat February 16, 2013
Garden Report

Protect Trees From Spruce Ips Beetle

Rocky Mountain National Park


Sat February 9, 2013
Garden Report

Fruit Shrubs To Sweeten Any Garden

Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic Wikimedia Commons

Every yard needs a few fruiting shrubs to provide a delicious summer harvest. There are a lot of choices of shrubs that produce fruit.

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Wed February 6, 2013
Arts & LIfe

Get A Library Card, Grow A Garden

Luke Runyon Aspen Public Radio

The Basalt Public Library is trying something new this spring: a seed collection. With a library card in hand, you can check the seeds out, grow the plants, and within nine months, harvest the new seeds and bring them back.

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Sat February 2, 2013
Garden Report

Winter Watering

Muhammad Mahdi Karim Wikimedia Commons

Despite the recent light snowfall, your garden needs more moisture. KUNC’s Gardener Tom Throgmorton offers these suggestions when it comes to prioritizing your watering.

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Sat January 26, 2013
Garden Report

The Gardener's Delight: Understanding Seed Catalogs

fir0002 Wikipedia/CreativeCommons

It's seed catalog season. The time of year catalogs arrive in the mail. They whet our appetite for new, different and exciting plants. Sometimes it’s hard to wade through all of the seed catalog information.

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