Sat February 1, 2014
The Garden Report

Beware Of Winter Seed Fever

Hybrid tomatoes are unique but don't produce reliable seeds.
Credit Darren Abbey / Flickr - Creative Commons

The recent warm weather may have given us spring fever, but now that it’s snowy and cold there’s not much for a gardener to do but read seed catalogs, walk garden center seed racks and seed shop online. You should be wary of the potential dangers. 

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Sat January 25, 2014
The Garden Report

How To Plan Ahead For A Bountiful Vegetable Garden

Creating A Grid Helps To Maximize Space For More Vegetables
Credit Canadian Pacific/Flickr Creative Commons

It may still be cold outside, but it’s never too early to make plans for a vegetable garden. Creating a blueprint, choosing what kinds of vegetables to plant and deciding on the size of the garden can all be done before the spring thaw to ensure the best produce.

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Sat January 18, 2014
The Garden Report

Tired Of The Bland Winter Garden? Ornamental Grasses Can Fix That

Feather Reed Grasses Grow In Early Spring And Last All Year
Credit Linda Owen/Flickr Creative Commons

It’s that time of year when the garden lays dormant and we fondly recall last summer’s lush and active plants. It may be the middle of winter in Colorado, but ornamental grasses provide color and texture to an otherwise bland landscape. 

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Sun January 12, 2014
The Salt

Prison Gardens Help Inmates Grow Their Own Food — And Skills

Prisoners build an organic vegetable garden in the prison yard of the medium security unit at San Quentin State Prison in December.
Kirk Crippens Insight Garden Program

Last week, we reported on the correctional industry's enduring practice of punishing certain inmates with a bland, lumpish food known as "the loaf."

Fortunately, there are also more encouraging stories to tell about prison food.

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Sat January 11, 2014
The Garden Report

A Guide To Plants Ideal For Colorado's Climate

Participants annually vote on plants with sustainable qualities
Credit Tom McSparron/Flickr Creative Commons