Tue November 4, 2014
Election 2014

Colorado Says No As GMO Labeling Continues To Stumble On Ballots

Proponents of GMO labeling in Colorado were able to gather more than 170,000 signatures to put the question on the ballot.
Credit Luke Runyon / KUNC and Harvest Public Media

An effort to label genetically modified foods in Colorado has failed to garner enough support.

Voters in Colorado rejected the labeling of foods that contain the derivatives of genetically modified - or GMO - crops with 68 percent voting against, versus 32 percent in favor of  Proposition 105.

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Wed October 22, 2014

Opponents Are Clearly Ahead In Colorado's Prop 105 Ad Spend

Credit Rocky Mountain PBS I-News

Colorado's voters continue to be pounded by multimillion dollar political advertising campaigns, often with the two candidates or issue opponents fairly evenly matched, with no respite in sight until Election Day.

But on one particular issue the campaign ads are entirely lopsided. Labeling genetically modified food, commonly called GMOs – meaning "genetically modified organisms" – is on the ballot as Proposition 105, and has become a nearly $12 million issue.

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Wed October 15, 2014
The Salt

New GMOs Get A Regulatory Green Light, With A Hint Of Yellow

Corn farmer Jerry McCulley sprays the weedkiller glyphosate across his cornfield in Auburn, Ill., in 2010. An increasing number of weeds have now evolved resistance to the chemical.
Seth Perlman AP

Government regulators have approved a new generation of genetically engineered corn and soybeans. They're the latest weapon in an arms race between farmers and weeds, and the government's green light is provoking angry opposition from environmentalists.

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Wed October 1, 2014

No Matter How Colorado Votes, GMO Labeling Debate Far From Finished

"I'm a label reader," says Denver resident Ben Hamilton. He sat on a citizen panel tasked with writing a report on proposition 105, which would require the labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients.
Luke Runyon KUNC and Harvest Public Media

Voters in Colorado will decide whether or not they want the state to require labels on foods containing genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs. The 2014 ballot measure highlights a much larger national conversation about the safety and prevalence of genetically modified foods.

If passed, food companies and farmers would need to affix on a food label the text: "Produced with genetic engineering" if the product contains certain genetically modified crops and their derived oils and sugars that end up in processed foods. Those in favor of the proposal, Proposition 105, claim consumers have a right to the information. Those opposed say it amounts to a fear campaign.

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Tue September 30, 2014

Colorado GMO Labeling Opponents Draw Millions In Donations

This sugar beet, plucked from a field in rural Weld County, Colo., has been genetically modified to withstand herbicide applications. The sugar derived from this beet would be subject to Proposition 105 if it passes.
Credit Luke Runyon / KUNC and Harvest Public Media

Each campaign finance filing in the fight over whether some foods in Colorado should sport a label about genetically modified ingredients shows an increasingly lopsided race. In a two week period in September the committee working to get the measure passed raised about $120,000. Those opposed raised $8.1 million.

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