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Tue February 26, 2013
It's All Politics

Loaded Words: How Language Shapes The Gun Debate

Originally published on Tue February 26, 2013 7:44 am

The country has been debating gun regulations for months. Later this week, a Senate committee will start work on various proposals, including a background check on every gun sale and a ban on assault weapons.

But this debate over guns goes beyond disagreements about policy. Advocates on both sides quite literally disagree on the terms of the discussion — as in, the words they use to describe it.

Ask "gun control advocates" to describe what this debate is about, and they'll say "control" really isn't the word they prefer.

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Sat February 23, 2013
It's All Politics

Bloomberg's Anti-NRA Message — And Money — Could Sway House Race In Chicago

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun control superPAC has poured more than $2 million into a Democratic primary in Chicago for a U.S. House seat.
Brendan McDermid Reuters/Landov

One of the most important events in the national gun violence debate will take place Tuesday — in the snows of Chicago, a thousand miles from Newtown, Conn., or Washington, D.C.

That's where Democratic voters will choose their nominee to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. Because the district is so heavily Democratic, the winner will almost certainly be sworn in at the Capitol following the April general election.

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Wed February 20, 2013
The Two-Way

Biden: For Protection; 'Buy A Shotgun, Buy A Shotgun'

Originally published on Wed February 20, 2013 10:00 am

Vice President Biden earlier this month during a roundtable discussion on gun control at Girard College in Philadelphia.
Tim Shaffer Reuters /Landov


Tue February 19, 2013
Gun Debate

VIDEO: NewsHour Wades Into The Colorado Gun Debate 'After Newtown'

Screencap of a gun protest at the capitol from NewsHour's report
PBS NewsHour


Tue February 19, 2013

Democratic Gun Bills Clear The House

  • KUNC's Brian Larson speaks to Colorado Statesman Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff about Monday's passage of Democratic gun bills in the House.