Health Care


Wed September 21, 2011

It’s Time For A Deal On A Flu Shot

Colorado Public News

You may want to shop around for your flu shot this fall, because businesses are competing for the opportunity to sell you one.

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Mon September 19, 2011

Gov. Perry Cut Funds For Women's Health In Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry likes to hold out the Lone Star State as a model — his vision for the country. But while Texas' growing economy has been a reliable jobs producer, the state's health care system is straining.

Only 48 percent of Texans have private health insurance, and more than a quarter of the state's population has no insurance at all, more than any other state. To fill this gap, the state's hospital emergency rooms and dozens of women's health clinics have stepped in to serve the uninsured across Texas.

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Wed September 14, 2011
Health Care

Colorado Hospitals rated as ‘Top Performers’ in Annual Survey

Creative Commons

Five Colorado hospitals are listed as top performers in an annual report compiled by the Joint Commission, which inspects and accredits hospitals across the U.S.

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Mon August 15, 2011

Federal Grants to Help Families Learn of Public Insurance Options

Colorado is getting a $608,307 grant to help educate Coloradans without health coverage about their eligibility and options for public insurance.

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Mon August 1, 2011
Children's Healthcare

Open Enrollment for Child-Only Health Policies Begins

Colorado Division of Insurance

Today begins a month-long open enrollment period for Colorado kids who don’t have health coverage under a family policy or program such as Medicaid.

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