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Mon January 2, 2012

Be Healthy, Win A Bonus From The Boss

Melissa Dunn quit smoking and lost 130 lbs. when her employer, Nelnet, offered her significant cash bonuses to become healthier.
Jose Guzman Denver Promo Studio for Colorado Public News

Lose a few pounds, pocket a few dollars.

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Tue November 15, 2011

Colorado’s Uninsured Jumps By 22%

Statewide, 13% of Coloradans are underinsured, spending more on out-of-pocket health costs than they can afford.
Colorado Health Access Survey

The number of Coloradans without health insurance has risen by 22 percent in the last two years, with 829,000 residents now uninsured, according to a survey released Tuesday.

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Wed June 1, 2011
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Questions About Legality And Morality Of Abortion Divide Americans

The Republican takeover of the U.S. House and statehouses across the country has helped launch a new chapter in the nation's long-running debate over abortion.

And as NPR's Julie Rovner reports on Wednesday's All Things Considered, there's a move afoot to legally redefine when personhood itself begins — to the time when a sperm fertilizes an egg. A change like that would have broad legal ramifications.

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