Irene Aguilar


Mon April 1, 2013

Universal Health Care For Colorado? New Plan May Put It To A Vote

. Irene Aguilar has introduced a bill that would ask Colorado voters to create a universal healthcare system for the state
Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News


Mon May 28, 2012

Senator Irene Aguilar: Rx For Politics

Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News

Last year, state Sen. Irene Aguilar got to know her fellow lawmakers up close. She checked their blood pressures. Then she cautioned them about the dangers of hypertension. After all, what group of professionals has the potential for higher blood pressure than politicians at the capitol?

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Mon March 19, 2012

Hospitals May Stop Charging Their Highest Prices To The Poor

Linda Conlin, 49, of Longmont, left, gets help from Ailsa Wonnacott, right, in dealing with hospital bills she can't pay because she is disabled. Wonnacott is head of the Association for Community Living in Boulder County.
Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News

Colorado hospitals charge their highest prices to the poorest, uninsured patients. That practice is now likely to end by late summer.

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Thu July 28, 2011
Health Care

Colorado Lawmakers Agree: Health Care Still Top Focus

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Eight Colorado legislators from both major parties agreed on one thing at the Colorado Health Symposium Wednesday – health care is costing their constituents a fortune, and they do need to do something about it.

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