Laura Marling


Sat November 26, 2011
Weekend Audition

Post-Turkey Treat: DBT, Marling & Adams, and Nataly Dawn

Screencap from "Superman's Song"
Nataly Dawn

Now that you've had two days to work off that extra turkey & sweet potatoes, let's fill up on something that isn't high calorie and slathered in gravy. Tasty tunes including an incredible duet, a cover, and an acoustic tale of Thanksgiving await you...

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Sat October 22, 2011
Weekend Listening

What We're Listening To: Feist, Laura Marling & Booker T

Mary Rozzi

Sometimes the videos that come out surrounding the release & promotion of a new album are better than the album. In other cases they just refine the visual aspects of the album. That's true this week with two from Feist & Laura Marling as well as a Tiny Desk Concert from the legendary Booker T.

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Tue October 18, 2011
World Cafe

World Cafe Looks Back: Celebrating U.K. Folk

Originally published on Mon March 19, 2012 7:00 am

Clockwise from left: Donovan, Laura Marling, Richard Thompson, Mumford & Sons.

Andee Nathonson/Pamela Littky/Courtesy of the artists

Throughout the month of October, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of World Cafe, revisiting some of the best and most memorable interviews of the past 20 years.

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Mon October 17, 2011

What's New This Week on KUNC Music

If new Indigo Girls, Feist, & Laura Marling isn't enough for you, well then, you are in luck. There is more this week in Denver's very own Steve Law, singer/songwriter Mason Jennings, and guitarist Nick Charles. Tune if for KUNC Music every M-F from 9a - Noon.

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