Mark Ferrandino


Thu January 5, 2012

Legislative Leadership Series: Mark Ferrandino

Courtesy of Colorado House Democrats

This week we’ve been hearing from key legislative leaders in the Senate and House as a preview of the upcoming 2012 session that begins next Wednesday, January 11th. Yesterday we heard from House Speaker and Republican Frank McNulty. Today we’ll hear from House Minority Leader and Democrat Mark Ferrandino…

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Tue July 26, 2011
Capitol Coverage

Lawmakers Climb for the Cause

View from the summit of Mt. Democrat
Rep. Mark Ferrandino

Several state lawmakers hiked Mount Democrat and Mount Lincoln today, in an effort to highlight the need for repairs to the capitol dome.

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Wed June 29, 2011

CO Legislator Says He Plans to Reintroduce Civil Union Bill

Colorado Rep. Mark Ferrandino

Colorado Democratic Representative Mark Ferrandino says he’ll reintroduce a bill to create civil unions in the state after New York legalized same sex marriages earlier this month. A similar bill this year died in a House committee on a party-line vote.

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