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Sun July 27, 2014
Music Interviews

Life Beyond The Dance Floor

Originally published on Sun July 27, 2014 5:15 pm

Fin Greenall, the singer-songwriter behind the band Fink, began his music career as a DJ.
Tommy N Lance Courtesy of the artist

Fin Greenall is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His band, Fink, has been releasing albums since 2006 and dropped its latest, Hard Believer, this month. He's also a songwriter for hire, who has lent his talents to tracks by John Legend and Amy Winehouse. But before any of this, he was a success in a very different world: dance music.

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Sun July 27, 2014
Music Interviews

Ceci Bastida: Punk Roots, Pop Sounds And A Political Mind

Originally published on Sun July 27, 2014 9:26 am

Ceci Bastida's second full-length album, La Edad De La Violencia, was released this June.
Courtesy of the artist

La Edad de la Violencia — "the age of violence" — is a pretty dire name for an album of upbeat synth-pop. Tijuana-born singer Ceci Bastida says that's the point: She was pregnant when she began writing her latest set of songs, and found her joy tempered with concern about raising a child in a violent world. Bastida spoke about the origins of the album with NPR's Arun Rath; hear their conversation at the audio link.

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Sat July 26, 2014
Music Interviews

Eric Clapton And J.J. Cale: Notes On A Friendship

Originally published on Sat July 26, 2014 5:29 pm

Eric Clapton's new album, The Breeze, honors the late J.J. Cale.
Brian Rooney Courtesy of the artist

There are, you could argue, two strands of Eric Clapton fans: those who love his scorching electric solos and groundbreaking fusions of blues and rock, and those who prefer his mellow, unplugged pop songs from later years. The two groups might just find common ground on his latest album.

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Fri July 25, 2014
Music Interviews

Gurrumul, An Unlikely International Star, Reaches U.S. Ears

Originally published on Fri July 25, 2014 5:40 pm

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, who goes by Gurrumul, released his self-titled debut album in the U.S. this week.
Adrian Cook Courtesy of the artist

The Australian musician and singer-songwriter Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, who goes by simply Gurrumul, is an international star. He has sung a duet with Sting, performed for Britain's Royal Family and President Obama and even graced the cover of Rolling Stone, who called him "Australia's most important voice." That's remarkable for a man who was born blind, is extremely shy and doesn't speak much English.

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Thu July 24, 2014
Microphone Check

YG: 'I Gave Y'All What I Seen'

Courtesy of the Cashmere Agency