Tue February 24, 2015
Deceptive Cadence

Podium Diplomacy: Conductor Takes Chinese Music West And Vice Versa

Originally published on Wed February 25, 2015 12:40 pm

Chinese conductor Long Yu.
P.A.D. Studio Courtesy of the artist

By some measures, China is now the world's largest economy. It's also a gigantic market for American brands, from Hollywood blockbusters to KFC and Pizza Hut. But one Chinese conductor, Long Yu, would like these cultures to hear each other a little more clearly. He's launching a new project to do just that, and it's starting tonight with the New York Philharmonic.

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Tue February 24, 2015
Music Interviews

Kate Pierson Says Going Solo Is Like 'Having Wings'

Originally published on Tue February 24, 2015 7:04 am

Kate Pierson's new album, her first as a solo artist, is titled Guitars And Microphones.
Courtesy of the artist

Kate Pierson says she always wanted to be a singer.

"I used to stick my head out the window when I was a kid and sing at the top of my lungs and think no one could hear me."

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Mon February 23, 2015
World Cafe

World Cafe Next: Dorothy

Courtesy of the artist

All this week, World Cafe is taking a look at Los Angeles as part of its Sense Of Place series. For World Cafe: Next, Kevin Bronson of the website calls attention to the band Dorothy, which he describes as "old-school rock without the clichés." Hear and download two of its songs on this page.

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Mon February 23, 2015
Tiny Desk Concerts

Zola Jesus: Tiny Desk Concert

Colin Marshall NPR

With her huge voice and an assist from talented trombonist Daniel Walter Eaton, Zola Jesus presented a curious combination at the Tiny Desk — a combination I hardly ever encounter. Having seen her mostly with a big and powerful band, I wondered if this configuration would work. But it was magic, with the trombone poignantly complementing her mellifluous voice and stark personal words.

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Sun February 22, 2015
Author Interviews

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon On Marriage, Music And Moving On

Originally published on Sun February 22, 2015 5:23 pm

Kim Gordon is a founding member of Sonic Youth.
Alisa Smirnova Courtesy of HarperCollins

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