Tue May 3, 2011
First Listen

First Listen: Sarah Jarosz, 'Follow Me Down'

Originally published on Sun May 1, 2011 10:30 pm

Music is just in her blood.

That's what Sarah Jarosz says when she explains why she became a musician. There wasn't necessarily a day where she said to herself: "Yes, this — making music — is what I want to do with my life." Instead, she says, it just always made sense that music was the most important thing in her life; the thing that would bring her the most joy.

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Mon May 2, 2011
Tiny Desk Concerts

Booker T. Jones: Tiny Desk Concert

Originally published on Wed February 8, 2012 10:01 am

Erin Schwartz NPR

I'm pretty sure this is the coolest thing we've ever done behind the Tiny Desk. There was a bit of furniture-moving and finagling, but when all the heavy lifting was done, there it was: A Hammond B3 organ and its sturdy wooden Leslie speaker cabinet sat waiting for its star performer, Booker T. Jones.

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Sun May 1, 2011

That's Right: Jazz And Rock Fusion, From Nepal

The small country of Nepal stretches from Mt. Everest in the north to the Indian border in the south. Nepal's musical traditions reflect its geography, from Himalayan folk tunes to Indian ragas. Reese Erlich reports from Kathmandu that Nepali musicians are now fusing that traditional music with jazz and rock.



Fri April 29, 2011
World Cafe

Brandi Carlile And Indigo Girls On World Cafe

Originally published on Mon June 20, 2011 1:12 pm

Brandi Carlile and the Indigo Girls recently performed on World Cafe.
Courtesy of the artist

Hailing from Washington state, Brandi Carlile began her music career at the age of 8, when her musician mother brought her on stage to sing a Rosanne Cash song. From then on, music was her constant companion, as she taught herself to sing, play the piano and later the guitar. Her latest album, 2009's Give Up the Ghost (produced by Rick Rubin), featured a guest appearance by Elton John and helped earn Carlile the "Breakthrough" artist honor at Seattle's City Of Music Awards.

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Wed April 27, 2011

Bombino: Unfamiliar Suffering Gets A Universal Treatment

In the early '90s, the nomadic Tuareg people of Niger and Mali rebelled. Laid low by drought and abandoned by governments, they fought to establish a Tuareg nation. That dream was never realized, but the rebellion did inspire a tradition of guitar-wielding rebel rockers with songs of suffering and nostalgia. Bombino is one of these — a young guitarist and singer from Niger, and a rising star in Tuareg folk rock. His newest album is Agadez.

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