Sun July 13, 2014
Music Interviews

The New Thing In Jazz, Revisited

Originally published on Sun July 13, 2014 9:47 am

New Orleans pianist Henry Butler (left) and arranger and trumpeter Steven Bernstein will release their collaborative record, Viper's Drag, in the U.S. on July 15.
Courtesy of the artist

Impulse Records is the legendary label that proudly delivered the "new thing" in jazz in the 1960s: avant-garde records from the likes of John Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders. It also helped jazz cross over to a larger audience; quite a few flower children bought Impulse albums.

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Sat July 12, 2014
Music Interviews

Chrissie Hynde Steps Out, But She's Not Alone

Originally published on Sun July 13, 2014 11:15 am

Chrissie Hynde released her debut solo record, Stockholm, this June.
Dean Chalkley Courtesy of the artist


Sat July 12, 2014
Music Interviews

'Weird Al' Yankovic On Parody In The Age Of YouTube

Originally published on Sat July 12, 2014 10:12 am

"Weird Al" Yankovic's latest album, Mandatory Fun, comes out July 15.
Robert Trachtenberg Courtesy of the artist


Fri July 11, 2014
Music Interviews

Miranda Lambert And The Soft Side Of Tough

Originally published on Fri July 11, 2014 7:57 am

Miranda Lambert.
Courtesy of the artist

Miranda Lambert has painted herself as one of country music's bad girls: Whether it's solo or with her trio Pistol Annies, she's got a deep catalog of songs about revenge, guns, cigarettes and beer. But her new album, Platinum, shows a more vulnerable side.

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Thu July 10, 2014
The Record

All The Rage

York Factory Complaint's Ryan Martin (left) and vocalist Michael Berdan.
Gillian Bowling Courtesy of the artist

Are you fed up with viral marketing, hype cycles and the 24/7 onslaught of social media? Are you resisting the urge to stop worrying and love the photobomb? Are you of two minds on the hive mind? Then you have a kindred spirit in York Factory Complaint, the Brooklyn duo of Ryan Martin and Michael Berdan. The two underground music stalwarts aren't shy about their frustration with society's trajectory, and their conviction is infectious, even inspirational, on the forthcoming album Lost In The Spectacle, one of 2014's best extreme records.

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