Thu August 9, 2012
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Ashton Eaton, Of United States, Wins Gold In Decathlon

Ashton Eaton of the United States smiles after competing in the Men's Decathlon Pole Vault in London.
Feng Li Getty Images

(This post appeared in our Olympics blog, The Torch.)

The American Ashton Eaton can call himself the greatest athlete in the world, today.

With 8,869 points, Eaton took the gold medal in the decathlon. His American teammate Trey Hardee took the silver with 8,671 points.

If you're not familiar, the decathlon is the closest the sports world comes to a standardized test in athletic ability. It spans two days and 10 events, including the 100 meter dash, the long jump, the high jump and the shot put.

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Thu August 9, 2012
The Two-Way

Kaspersky Lab Says It Has Found Another State-Sponsored Computer Virus

Originally published on Thu August 9, 2012 3:04 pm

Decrypted configuration data.
Secure List

Kaspersky Lab made another big announcement this morning: It has found another nation-state sponsored virus it is calling Gauss.

What makes this different than Stuxnet or Flame, which they discovered in May, this is the first "publicly known nation-state sponsored banking Trojan."

In a long explanation, Kaspersky said that by looking at virus it had determined it was related to Flame and Stuxnet.

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Thu August 9, 2012
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Thanks For Nothing, Stephen: Colbert Spoils The Wiki Veep Indicator

Originally published on Fri August 10, 2012 10:11 am

Buzz Killer.
Mike Coppola Getty Images

Well, tracking changes to prominent politicians' Wikipedia pages had been one way of trying to get advance notice of Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick.

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Thu August 9, 2012


Thu August 9, 2012
The Two-Way

After Tragedy For Sikhs, A Glimpse Into 'The Sunshine of Their Minds'

Sikhs and others who wanted to show support gathered Wednesday night for a vigil in Manhattan.
Mario Tama Getty Images
  • Ambassador Nirupama Rao on 'Tell Me More'