Sat October 1, 2011
Living Large: Obesity In America

Surgery Not 'A Magic Pill' For Obese Patients

Originally published on Wed October 5, 2011 1:41 pm


Part of an ongoing series on obesity in America

Losing weight in America is big business. Americans spend $61 billion a year on everything from diet pills and exercise videos to meal plans, health club memberships and medical treatment. One of the fastest growing and lucrative segments of the weight-loss market is surgery.

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Wed September 21, 2011
Living Large: Obesity In America

For Obese, Intimate Lives Often Suffer

Originally published on Wed August 1, 2012 5:02 pm

In the CBS series Mike & Molly, Molly Flynn (Melissa McCarthy) and Mike Biggs (Billy Gardell) portray a healthy intimate relationship. While many obese people lead happy and healthy sex lives, therapists are seeing more obese people who say their intimate lives are suffering because of their weight.
Richard Cartwright AP/CBS

Part of an ongoing series on obesity in America

It's well known that obesity can lead to a lot of health problems, but what's rarely talked about is the impact on people's sexual health. As the obesity rate has soared in the U.S., more and more marriage and family therapists are getting questions from obese clients about problems in the bedroom.

It's an issue that Dana Englehardt and her husband, Larry Boynton, of Belmont, Calif., know well.

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Mon September 12, 2011

Obesity Epidemic Plagues Even the "Thinnest" State

Ryan Van Duzer runs about six miles most days on the "Eagle Trail" in north Boulder.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

This past weekend, thousands turned out for road races around Colorado including the Denver Half Marathon and the Compass Harvest Run in Golden.  It’s no surprise that running and other fitness activities are wildly popular in Colorado, where being fit seems to be engrained in the culture. But even here in the thinnest state in the nation, waistlines are widening, especially among children.  And as KUNC’s Kirk Siegler reports, public health officials are sounding the alarm.



Mon August 29, 2011

More U.S. Cats and Dogs Becoming Overweight

Creative Commons

A lot of emphasis has been placed on combating the ever-growing obesity epidemic in the U.S.  And now, veterinarians are becoming more concerned as the numbers of overweight furry family members climbs.

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Tue August 9, 2011
Living Large: Obesity In America

Tackling Obesity Amid Poverty In A Mississippi County

Originally published on Wed August 22, 2012 7:51 am

Valerie Moore's weight and poor eating habits caught up with her two years ago, when she had a stroke at age 26.
Dave Anderson Photography

Part of an ongoing series on obesity in America.

The average life expectancy for men in Holmes County, Miss., is 65 years. That's a full decade shorter than the U.S. average.

So what's killing people there? Researchers say it's no coincidence that Holmes County is also one of Mississippi's poorest, and most obese. Forty-two percent of the county's residents are considered obese.

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