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Fri August 30, 2013
Arts District

For 100 Years, A Brotherhood Of The Arts At Perry-Mansfield

Dance students pose for a picture in the pond on campus at Perry-Mansfield
Carrie Saldo

Nestled in Steamboat Springs, far apart from the glitz of Broadway and Hollywood, the Perry-Mansfield School of Performing Arts recently wrapped up its 100th summer season.

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Thu August 1, 2013
Arts District

Veil Lifted On Performance At Vail International Dance Festival

Francesca Romo and Jonathan Royse Windham from Gallim Dance perform at the 2013 Vail International Dance Festival.
Erin Baiano

At Vail’s Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, there’s no curtain to lift or draw. That means pre-show warm-up rituals dancers usually conduct in the privacy of that heavy veil are on display.

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Sun July 28, 2013

Wallace Shawn: From 'Toy Story' Dino To Highbrow Playwright

Originally published on Sun July 28, 2013 10:31 am

Wallace Shawn (from left), Larry Pine and Deborah Eisenberg make up the cast of The Designated Mourner. Written by Shawn and directed by Andre Gregory, the Public Theater show is a product of one of the longest collaborations in the history of the American theater.
Joan Marcus Courtesy The Public Theater

Wallace Shawn is famous for his career as an actor, but over the past four decades he has written a handful of plays that are intellectually demanding and rarely produced. His characters tell stories in monologues, rather than acting them out onstage, and they use cascades of words to make dizzying arguments.

His work is being showcased at New York's Public Theater this season. A revival of The Designated Mourner opened July 21 and the American premier of another Shawn play, Grasses of a Thousand Colors, will open this fall.

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Thu July 25, 2013
Deceptive Cadence

The High, Heavenly Voice Of David Daniels

Originally published on Sat August 3, 2013 7:19 am

Countertenor David Daniels (right) and dancer Reed Luplau in the Santa Fe Opera's world-premiere production of Oscar, based on the life of Oscar Wilde.
Ken Howard Santa Fe Opera

"You very quickly forget whether it's a male voice or a female voice. ... Because he's such a terrific musician, and so expressive, the fact that it's a man singing in a woman's range becomes irrelevant, and what we hear is the music."

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Tue July 2, 2013
Author Interviews

The Tragic Story Of 'Traviata' Muse Marie Duplessis

Ross MacGibbon Collection of Musee de la Dame aux Camellias

You may not know the name Marie Duplessis, but odds are you know some stories about her. She inspired a French novel, which was turned into a successful play, several movies (including one starring Greta Garbo), a ballet and, most famously, a great Italian opera — La Traviata.

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