Mon November 10, 2014

One Man's Quest To Photograph All Of Colorado's Mammals

A gray fox, its image captured by photographer James Beissel using a nighttime remote camera trap.
James Beissel used with permission

Colorado has 130 different species of mammals, and one man is trying to photograph them all.

Actually, James Beissel, a Boulder-based photographer, is starting with about 70 mammals – the ones that are chipmunk-sized and larger.

"Those other species that didn't make the list, those are the small rodents and the bats. Those are a very different approach to photographing them, so maybe that will be my phase two," Beissel said.

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Fri November 7, 2014
Arts District

For Some Veterans, Art Speaks When Words Fail

Ted Engelmann has spent his years since serving in Vietnam travelling to war and conflict zones. In this image, a soldier in Baghdad holds his father's Zippo lighter. A gift from one soldier to another.
Ted Engelmann, Vietnam Veteran

Wayne Williams and Adam Nilson are war Veterans. Even on United States soil, there are days when they feel far from at home. By creating art, they have found an unlikely way to settle in. They think it can help others too.

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Thu September 18, 2014
NPR Story

Look At This: Portrait Of A Homeless Veteran

Originally published on Fri September 19, 2014 11:07 am


A few weeks ago, photographer David Gilkey and I went to an event for homeless veterans called Stand Down. We wanted to see what homeless veterans look like, and we wanted to photograph them.

We also wondered: How do they see themselves? We asked about 20 of them — that's how many came by our pop-up portrait studio. You can hear from some of them in the audio above, or just look at this.

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Thu September 18, 2014
Arts District

Dairy Center 'Flood' Exhibit Presents Photos Both Stark, Therapeutic

'Submerged' captured the flood waters raging in Evergreen.
Andrew Beckham

Marking a year post-flood in Colorado, The Dairy Center for the Arts is exhibiting 33 black-and-white and color photographs captured by photographers who live and work on the Front Range. In FLOOD: A Thousand Year Event, unmitigated contrasts are presented: Destruction and rebirth; restoration after loss; calamity and, oddly, the center's Curator of Visual Art and Education, Mary Horrocks notes, beauty.

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Mon September 15, 2014
Arts District

What's An Art Car? In Short, Creativity Fueled Fun

"Phoenix the Dragon" released puffs of smoke and towered over parade spectators.
Carrie Saldo Arts District

Nearly 80 art cars, some rumbling loudly and one flicking flames aloft, cruised through Trinidad Saturday, transforming the quiet community into a sculpture gallery on wheels.

Take a look through the slideshow and you'll see vehicles from as far away as Boston participated in the second annual “ArtoCade," which was launched by resident Rodney Wood on behalf of the city's tourism board.

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