Wed October 17, 2012

PHOTOS: Trees Felled As Winds Lash Denver

Downed trees in Denver at 37th & Osceola
Robert Leja KUNC

Winds picked up Tuesday night across the state, and on Wednesday morning plenty of Denverites woke up to tree debris littering their neighborhoods.

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Sun October 14, 2012
Glenwood Canyon

Happy 20th Anniversary To I-70's "Modern Engineering Marvel"

A dramatic view of the west portal of Reverse Curve Tunnel as seen from the lower roadway
iagoarchangel Flickr - Creative Commons

Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of I-70 through Colorado’s Glenwood Canyon. That stretch of interstate often referred to as a “modern engineering marvel” took 13 years and nearly $500 million to construct.

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Sun October 7, 2012
The Picture Show

Catching The 'Shadow' Of A Lost World

Originally published on Tue October 9, 2012 11:24 am

Wedding party, 1914. A still from the film In the Land of the Head Hunters, in which Curtis sought to re-create a mythic story of the Kwakiutl.
Edward Curtis Library of Congress

Photographer Edward Curtis started off his career at the tail end of the 19th century, making portraits of Seattle's wealthiest citizens. But a preoccupation with Native Americans and a chance encounter on a mountaintop triggered an idea: Curtis decided to chronicle the experience of the vanishing tribes — all of them. It was an unbelievably ambitious project that would define Curtis, his work and his legacy.

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Thu October 4, 2012
Photo Show

PHOTOS: Scenes From The First Presidential Debate In Denver

Mitt Romney and President Obama on the debate stage. Moderator Jim Lehrer is in the foreground
University of Denver Flickr - Creative Commons

It's now the day after the historic event in Denver. Traffic is back to normal, the spotlight of national attention has lessened, and people everywhere are now dissecting the debate.

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Sat September 29, 2012
NPR Story

'Instant' Recounts The Magic Of Polaroids

Originally published on Sat September 29, 2012 1:17 pm



Decades before people would camp out for days, to get the latest next-big-thing in new technology, there was the magic of pictures you could snap and see instantly - or almost. Edwin Land created a company in his garage - sound familiar? - that would be both a success, and an inspiration, to Steve Jobs and other inventive entrepreneurs of a new era, Polaroid. Its products were considered elegant, original and desirable. The company was miles and dollars above any other, in innovative technology. So why couldn't it last into the 21st century?

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