Sat May 4, 2013

At Jazz Fest, Photographers Have A Culture All Their Own

Originally published on Sat May 4, 2013 9:53 am

Little Freddie King at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2013, photographed by Skip Bolen.
Courtesy of Skip Bolen

The 2013 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival wraps up Monday. This weekend and last, 12 stages have mixed such marquee names as Fleetwood Mac, Phoenix and Los Lobos with dozens of local bluesmen, soul belters and Cajun fiddle players.

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Fri May 3, 2013

Remember That May Day Snow? See It From Space

This is what Colorado looked like on May 2nd after May 1st brought snow to much of the state. Before the storm though?

Many Coloradoans woke up May 1st to find heavy, wet snow had blanketed the Front Range. If the view from their window made them grumble, here's what it looked like from space.

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Mon April 29, 2013
The Two-Way

Saturn Shows Off A Massive Spinning Vortex: 'The Rose'

A mammoth spinning vortex is seen on Saturn, in this "false-color" photograph released by NASA Monday. The image was captured by the Cassini spacecraft. A related image, presenting what a human eye would see, is farther down this page.

NASA is calling it "The Rose." By any other name, it's a mammoth storm on Saturn's north pole. Its eye spans an estimated 1,250 miles — 20 times the size of an average hurricane's eye on Earth. Winds in the Saturn storm's eye wall are believed to be four times as fast.

The stunning image of the spinning vortex was given "false colors" to emphasize low clouds (in red) versus high clouds (in green). NASA estimates that the clouds at the outer edge are moving at up to 330 miles per hour.

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Sun April 28, 2013
Arts & Life

Slideshow: The Scene At The Rocky Mtn. Pinball Showdown

A young boy is fixed on the game at hand, the Rocky Mtn Pinball Showdown attacts kids of all ages... some older than others
Jim Hill KUNC

Denver has been doing its best to keep arcade classics alive. Fans, collectors, and pinball wizards gathered at the Rocky Mtn. Pinball Showdown, all minus one thing. No quarters necessary.

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Thu April 18, 2013
The Picture Show

In 'Which Way,' A War Photographer In His Element

Originally published on Thu April 18, 2013 10:22 am

Spc. Tad Donoho screams with pain in 2008 after being administered a "pink belly" for his birthday in Korengal Valley, Kunar province, Afghanistan. Each member of the platoon strikes his stomach until it begins to bruise, hence the name pink belly. From the book Infidel.
Tim Hetherington Magnum Photos

At the 2011 Academy Awards, the film Restrepo was among the documentaries nominated for an Oscar. It follows an American platoon on a remote mountaintop in what was, at the time, the most dangerous place in Afghanistan.

To make the film, writer Sebastian Junger teamed up with British photojournalist Tim Hetherington — who, walking the red carpet that night at the Oscars, might as well have been a young actor straight out of central casting: tall, handsome, charismatic.

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