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Tue November 13, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 416: Why The Price Of Coke Didn't Change For 70 Years

Mike Fisher Flickr
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Prices go up. Occasionally, prices go down. But for 70 years, the price of a bottle of Coca-Cola didn't change. From 1886 until the late 1950s, a bottle of Coke cost a nickel.

On today's show, we find out why. The answer includes a half a million vending machines, a 7.5 cent coin, and a company president who just wanted to get a couple lawyers out of his office.

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Fri November 9, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 415: Can A Poor Country Start Over?

Virginia Mayo / Associated Press Jacob Goldstein / NPR
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Today's show is the story of two men and one big idea.

The big idea is that a poor country should take a small, empty part of its territory and say: We're going to build a new city here. And in this new city, we're going to get rid of our existing laws and rules, and bring in the best laws we can find from around the world. Get help from foreign countries. Maybe the UK could serve as a court of appeals. Maybe Canada could send in a few Mounties to help set up a police force.

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Tue November 6, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 128: Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe in NYC's Chess District?
Chana Joffe-Walt NPR
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Why do businesses selling the same thing crowd around each other rather than strike out on their own?

To answer that question, Adam Davidson and Chana Joffe-Walt walk through some New York City neighborhoods – the diamond district, the plant district, the chess district — where store after store sells the exact same thing.

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Fri November 2, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 414: After The Flood, The Backup Plan

Food damaged by storm flooding awaits disposal at the Fairway supermarket in Brooklyn.
Seth Wenig Associated Press
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A monster storm flooded parts of the biggest city in America this week. Millions of people are still without power.

But in the long run — even in the medium run — New York (and New Jersey!) will recover. And for the U.S. economy as a whole, this disaster will barely be a blip.

This is largely because there are countless backup plans hiding everywhere in our economy. On today's show, a flooded grocery store reveals safety nets that are usually hidden but, at moments like these, are suddenly made visible.

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Tue October 30, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 335: Who Killed Lard?

Dave McLean Flickr
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You rarely see lard on menus. There aren't shelves and shelves of it in every supermarket. In this country, we've sort of lost touch with the once beloved pig fat.

On today's podcast, we ask — who killed lard? Was it Upton Sinclair? His novel, The Jungle, contained this memorable passage about the men who cook the lard:

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