Tue November 1, 2011

Cuts to K-12, Higher Education, Part of Governor’s Proposed 2012 Budget

Governor John Hickenlooper released his 2012 budget today. It includes further cuts to higher education and K-12 schools, although not as deep as in the current budget. It also spares state workers from additional furloughs and does not call for any prison closures.

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Mon October 31, 2011

2011 Issues On The Ballot

Colorado Luis Flickr - Creative Commons

Colorado voters have just one statewide issue before them tomorrow but voters in cities along the Front Range will be asked to decide several local issues that have created a good deal of controversy.

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Sun October 30, 2011

Redistricting Hearing Comes to a Close

Creative Commons

Closing arguments in Colorado’s congressional redistricting trial are scheduled for today. It’ll then be up to a judge to determine new congressional lines that will shape the state’s political landscape for the next decade. Every ten years the state must draw new districts to account for population shifts. But this year the state legislature couldn’t agree on a map, tossing it to the courts. KUNC’s State capitol reporter Bente Birkeland spoke to political reporters who’ve been covering the trial and analyzes what’s at stake.



Fri October 28, 2011

Udall Backs 2014 Troop Withdraw Plan in Afghanistan

Democratic Senator Mark Udall says he’s seeing a “sense of urgency” in the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. Senator Udall traveled to Afghanistan as part of a U.S. Congressional Delegation this week to talk with military leaders, the intelligence community and senior Department of State Officials.

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Fri October 28, 2011
Herman Cain

Herman Cain's Ads Unconventional If Not Effective

A screen grab from Herman Cain's campaign ad.