Wed October 2, 2013
Community Voices

For Juvenile Advocate, The Job Is 'Why I Was Put On This Planet'

Mary Ellen Johnson
Courtesy of Mary Ellen Johnson

Jacob Ind was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder in 1994. A juvenile at the time, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Meeting Ind altered the life of Mary Ellen Johnson.

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Sun September 15, 2013

What Is The Role Of Jails In Treating The Mentally Ill?

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Twin Towers Correctional Facility is part of the largest municipal jail system in the United States. Many of its nearly 4,000 inmates are deemed mentally ill.
Damian Dovarganes AP

The county's Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles is a hulking, massive concrete structure. It is also part of the largest municipal jail system in the United States.

On a recent day, four men enter handcuffed with a police escort. The sheriff's deputies assign them cells, and for the duration of their sentences, this is home. The men wear bright blue pants and neon yellow shirts to set them apart from other inmates.

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Thu September 5, 2013
Reporter's Notebook

Colorado Prison Profits In Niche Markets

A prisoner at Four Mile Correctional Center in Cañon City, Colo. pulls a net full of tilapia out of the water for processing. This tilapia is then sold to Whole Foods markets across the Rocky Mountain region.
Luke Runyon KUNC and Harvest Public Media

Along the banks of the upper Arkansas River sits a very diverse farm: three different dairy operations, pheasants, lobster and tilapia farms, acres of corn, blackberry bushes, even antique tractor restoration. But there's a twist.

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Thu September 5, 2013
The Two-Way

California Inmates Suspend Two-Month-Long Hunger Strike

Inmates at California's Chino State Prison in December 2010.
Kevork Djansezian Getty Images

After more than two months, 100 California inmates have suspended a hunger strike they launched to protest prison conditions, including the use of solitary confinement by the state.

In a statement, some of the prisoners said they had "collectively" decided to end the strike, despite the fact that most of their demands have not been met.

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Wed September 4, 2013

Colorado Prison Has Buffalo Milk On Lockdown

The Four Mile Correctional Center in Cañon City, Colo ., is home to what may well be the country’s largest water buffalo dairy.
Luke Runyon KUNC and Harvest Public Media