Sun December 4, 2011

Democrats Stand to Make Big Gains in Reapportionment, Redistricting

Colorado is in the middle of a partisan fight over state house and congressional district boundaries. By law the state must redraw the boundaries once a decade to account for population shifts. The new maps will impact the political landscape for years to come, but still need approval from the state supreme court. KUNC’s State Capitol Reporter Bente Birkeland talks to fellow statehouse reporters about the ramifications.


Tue November 29, 2011

Reapportionment Vote Angers Republicans

Republicans are up in arms after a commission charged with redrawing state house districts picked Democratic maps. The Colorado Supreme Court originally rejected the commission's bi-partisan maps, saying they split up too many counties. KUNC’s State Capitol reporter Bente Birkeland has more.



Tue November 22, 2011

State Supreme Court Involved with both Reapportionment and Redistricting

Colorado Statesman

Efforts to redraw the state’s seven congressional boundaries, a process known as redistricting, and individual legislative districts, reapportionment – have both hit snags in recent days. And time is running out to finish the work. KUNC’s Brian Larson spoke with Colorado Statesman Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff about what’s at stake.


Mon October 3, 2011

Proposal for New State House Maps Submitted

Creative Commons

The state Supreme Court will have the ultimate say on whether new statehouse legislative maps are fair, balanced and follow the Colorado constitution. A bi-partisan committee spent several months redrawing the maps. If adopted, the new districts would be in place for the November 2012 election. KUNC’s state capitol reporter Bente Birkeland has more.



Mon September 12, 2011
State Politics

Reapportionment Committee Meets before October Deadline

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Colorado’s 11-member reapportionment committee is meeting today to discuss proposed legislative maps after wrapping up a month-long, statewide listening tour in August.

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