Tue August 30, 2011
State Politics

Reapportionment and Redistricting - both are Tedious

Colorado Statesman

Colorado’s House and Senate districts are redrawn every ten years based on census data just like the state’s congressional districts. Reapportionment and redistricting efforts are underway – and both have their share of issues. KUNC’s Brian Larson spoke to Colorado Statesman Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff for more.


Tue December 21, 2010
Around the Nation

Census Data Will Reshape U.S. Political Landscape

States in the South and West gained residents — and political clout — at the expense of the Midwest and East, according to new census figures that will change the nation's political makeup.

The 2010 Census Bureau report, released Tuesday, officially put the U.S. population at 308.7 million, reflecting the lowest growth since the Great Depression. Texas and Nevada led the way, reinforcing a decades-long shift away from the traditional manufacturing belt and toward warmer regions of the country.

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