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Sat September 1, 2012
The Two-Way

Fact Check: Paul Ryan Exaggerates Marathon Claim

Originally published on Sat September 1, 2012 11:48 am

Rep. Paul Ryan claimed to have run a marathon in less than three hours.
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Correction: the Runner's World calculator discussed below is used for training purposes. A pace calculator estimates that Ryan would have needed to run at about 6:50 per mile to complete a marathon in 2:59.

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Thu August 30, 2012
Presidential Race

Ryan's Speech Provides Fodder For Fact-Checkers

Originally published on Fri August 31, 2012 7:36 am



This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Melissa Block.

Tonight, Mitt Romney accepts his party's nomination for president, as the Republican National Convention wraps up in Tampa. Last night, it was his running mate Paul Ryan's turn. And in his speech, Ryan made a number of statements that have made this a busy day for fact-checkers. Among them, Glenn Kessler, who writes the Fact Checker column for The Washington Post.

Glenn, welcome to the program.

GLENN KESSLER: Thank you for having me.

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Thu August 30, 2012
It's All Politics

Janesville Debate: Dissecting Ryan's Claim, Obama's 'Promise' & The Facts

Originally published on Wed September 5, 2012 8:02 am

Weeds were already growing in the parking lot outside the GM assembly plant in Janesville, Wis., on May 4, 2009.
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Thu August 30, 2012


Thu August 30, 2012

VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: Paul Ryan's Speech To The RNC

Video & full text as prepared of vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's speech to the Republican National Convention, August 29th 2012.

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