Thu June 14, 2012

For Rural Ambulance Providers, a Delicate Balancing Act

Grace Hood

An ambulance is just a phone call away. But in rural parts of Colorado there’s a delicate juggling act happening before a paramedic ever gets behind the wheel. Several local governments across the state are struggling financially to keep emergency medical services on the road.

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Wed February 8, 2012
The Picture Show

A Mom And A Baby Find Out What's Really Rural In California

A path through farmland leads to the ocean in Loleta, Humboldt County, Calif.
Lisa Hamilton Real Rural

Most moms probably don't want their babies around pot growers, but San Francisco-based writer-photographer Lisa Hamilton is totally cool with it.

In fact, her baby, Ada, is a little over a year old and has probably already seen more of California than most Californians. And that, to Hamilton, is a problem.

For her, the basic issue is exemplified by something like this: We can see what a stranger in Japan is having for lunch on Instagram. But we can't so easily see where that lunch came from, or who harvested the ingredients.

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Mon December 12, 2011

Federal Budget Fights Cause Frustration At Hospitals

Dr. Amanda Schultz works with a patient in the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center’s Physician Services division in Alamosa, Colorado. The San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center is an integrated healthcare facility with the only full service hospita
San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center

The fighting in Washington over potential cuts to Medicare has created worry and uncertainty at hospitals throughout Colorado, particularly in rural areas.

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Thu September 29, 2011
Biofuel grants

Colorado Companies Share in Aviation Biofuel Grants

U.S. Forest Service

Two Colorado companies are being awarded part of a larger federal grant to develop biofuels from trees.

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Thu June 9, 2011

President Creates White House Rural Council, Colorado Likely to Benefit

Creative Commons

Calling rural communities the “key to a stronger America” – President Barack Obama signed an executive order today establishing the first ever White House Rural Council.

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