Sat April 14, 2012
Krulwich Wonders...

The Strange Persistence Of Shoes At Sea

Tennis shoes lay on the beach on Terschelling island, Netherlands, Feb. 10, 2006. They were from a shipping container that fell off a ship during a storm.
Marleen Swart AP

A ship sinks. A hundred years pass. What remains? Look down, down to your feet while I tell you this tale.

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Thu April 12, 2012
Krulwich Wonders...

Jonah And His Many, Many Whales

Adam Cole NPR

Jonah Lehrer, a regular contributor to Radiolab, is now on a book tour, touting his new best-seller Imagine. It's a book that explores creativity and the brain. The other day at a book signing, he bumped into a fourth-grader who asked him if there's such a thing as too much creativity. "Isn't it possible," the 9-year-old asked, "that humans are too creative?"

(Jonah attracts worried 9-year-olds. It's his curse.)

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Thu April 12, 2012

Scientists Link Rise In Quakes To Wastewater Wells

Originally published on Fri April 13, 2012 8:22 am

Scientists who watch for earthquakes have discovered a big increase in the number of small quakes in the middle of the country. It's an area that's usually pretty quiet geologically.

The scientists suspect the quakes are caused by wastewater wells. They plan to discuss their findings later this month at a seismology conference, but they've shared the basics with NPR.

Bill Ellsworth, a seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey, says new technology over the past decade has given scientists a much better feel for when the Earth shakes.

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Tue April 10, 2012
Krulwich Wonders...

Wind At Sea Is Strangely Van Goghish, Says NASA


Yesterday, we took a look at invisible winds suddenly made visible, streaming across the Earth. This being the blustery season, I've got more wind today, this time streaming across the sea, but looking uncannily like a van Gogh sky.

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Mon April 9, 2012
Krulwich Wonders...

Seeing What Only Wind Gods Get To See

"Dad, what causes wind?" asks 6-year-old Calvin (of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes).

"Trees sneezing," his dad explains.

"Really?" says Calvin, amazed.

"No," says Dad, "but the truth is more complicated."

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