Sharon Van Etten


Mon April 7, 2014

Download Sharon Van Etten's Latest: 'Taking Chances'

Dusdin Condren Courtesy of the artist

Check out and get your hands on the lead single from Sharon Van Etten's forthcoming release Are We There?

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Thu November 22, 2012

An Early Peek At Our Favorite Music Of 2012

Originally published on Wed November 28, 2012 7:29 am

Sharon Van Etten's Tramp was released in February by Jagjaguwar.
Shervin Lainez Courtesy of the artist


Fri March 9, 2012
World Cafe

Sharon Van Etten On World Cafe

Originally published on Mon July 9, 2012 1:01 pm

Sharon Van Etten.
Elisabeth Vitale

Sharon Van Etten's raspy, elegant vocals and deeply confessional folk-rock have made her a rising star. Ever since her official debut in 2009, the heart-breakingly intimate Because I Was In Love, Van Etten has been expanding her sound and adding grit to her delivery.

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Thu February 9, 2012
Music Reviews

Sharon Van Etten: Hypnotically Complicated

Originally published on Thu February 9, 2012 6:58 pm

Sharon Van Etten's third album, Tramp, comes out Feb. 7.
Dusdin Condren

Like most pop singers, Sharon Van Etten seems to love repetition — a technique used aggressively in ad jingles and Top 40 hits, but also in more hypnotic and emotionally complicated ways. Van Etten's new record, Tramp, is full of repeated riffs, drones and phonemes, and they're more intense and emotionally packed than ever. Songs like "Serpents" display her expansive voice and coiled songwriting, and are earning Van Etten a good deal of attention.

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Mon February 28, 2011
World Cafe

Sharon Van Etten On World Cafe

Intimate and hushed, Sharon Van Etten's folk tunes tend to quiet any room she plays them in. These are the type of nuanced songs that can render a crowd breathless.

Van Etten was introduced to an eclectic blend of folk and rock 'n' roll while growing up in Nashville. She worked her way to Brooklyn, and after a national tour in support of her debut album, Because I Was In Love, she turned to Epic, a seven-song LP that was one of NPR Music's favorite records of 2010.

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