Sun February 23, 2014
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Electronic Cigarettes And The Appearance Of Smoking

Originally published on Mon February 24, 2014 4:34 pm

Electronic cigarettes are actually battery operated devices that use a heating element to atomize a flavored liquid, typically containing nicotine, so that it can be inhaled.
Joe Raedle Getty Images

We see symbols and their power at work in the recent controversy surrounding the effort to extend bans on smoking to the electronic cigarette. An e-cigarette is no more a cigarette than a chocolate cigarette is.

But — as with the case of toy guns — this doesn't mean they are any less dangerous.

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Tue February 4, 2014
Shots - Health News

Wanna Smoke? It Could Cost You A Tooth, FDA Warns Teens

Originally published on Thu February 6, 2014 6:12 am

Smoking can mess up your looks, according to an ad campaign aimed at keeping teens from smoking.
Courtesy of U.S. Food and Drug Administration

When it comes to persuading teenagers not to smoke, you have to think short-term, the Food and Drug Administration says.

"While most teens understand the serious health risks associated with tobacco use, they often don't believe the long-term consequences will ever apply to them," FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told reporters Monday before unveiling the agency's first-ever anti-smoking campaign.

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Wed January 22, 2014

Colorado Health Calls For Federal E-Cigarette Regulation

"Vaping" is growing in popularity.
Credit Brad Bethell Photography / Flickr-Creative Commons

The FDA currently regulates cigarettes, loose tobacco and smokeless tobacco, but does not regulate e-cigarettes, little cigars or dissolvable tobacco. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment wants that to change.

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Wed January 8, 2014

Boulder Moves To Snuff Out Smoking On City Property

An area between the library and 13th St in Boulder could soon be off-limits to smokers
Jon Hurd Creative Commons/Flickr


Sat September 7, 2013
Shots - Health News

E-Cigarettes May Match The Patch In Helping Smokers Quit

Originally published on Tue September 10, 2013 8:18 am

Electronic cigarettes are sparking lots of skepticism from public health types worried they may be a gateway to regular smoking.

But the cigarettes, which use water vapor to deliver nicotine into the lungs, may be as good as the patch when it comes to stop-smoking aids, a study finds.

Smokers who used e-cigarettes in an attempt to quit the old-fashioned kind of cigarettes did about as well at stopping smoking as the people who tried the patch.

After six months, 7.3 percent of e-smokers had dropped cigarettes, compared to 5.8 percent of people wearing the patch.

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