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Sat June 28, 2014


Fri April 4, 2014

Solar Power Without Rooftop Panels May Be Coming Soon

Bradley Gordon Creative Commons/Flickr

Xcel Energy is asking state regulators to create a new option for Coloradans who want at least some of their electricity to come from solar power – but who can’t or don’t wish to put solar panels on their rooftops.

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Thu March 13, 2014

No Water, No Problem For CU-Boulder's New Solar Toilet

CU-Boulder postdoctoral researcher Tesfayohanes Yakob, left, and research engineer Dana Haushulz are shown here with a novel solar-thermal toilet developed by a team led by CU-Boulder Professor Karl Linden
University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder has created a solar-powered toilet that will soon be unveiled in India. Yes, a solar-powered toilet. While a toilet powered by the sun sounds pretty humorous, there’s a real need for such a thing around the world.

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Thu December 12, 2013
Solar Energy

Xcel, Rooftop Solar Advocates Continue To Spar Over 'Net Metering'

Rooftop solar panels on homes in Boulder, Colo.
MJMontey Flickr - Creative Commons

A dispute between rooftop solar advocacy groups and Xcel energy over net metering continues to heat up. Nearly 30,000 signatures were delivered to Xcel ’s downtown Denver headquarters  Wednesday asking the utility to withdraw a proposal seeking to change the net metering process. 

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Thu August 1, 2013
The Two-Way

Unique Bike Treks Up East Coast, Powered By Solar And Pedals

Originally published on Thu August 1, 2013 1:30 pm

In a photo taken on July 24, ELF bike owner Mark Stewart discusses the unusual vehicle during his trip from North Carolina to Massachusetts.
Valerie Bonk AP

It's not rare for new vehicle owners to be proud of their purchase. And some even travel to the factory to pick up their new ride and drive it home. That's what Mark Stewart did — but his new vehicle is an ELF hybrid bike, and his ride home will take hundreds of miles to complete.

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