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Wed August 7, 2013
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The Road That Gives Electric Vehicles A Charge

An electric city bus in Gumi, South Korea, is part of a program using electromagnetic fields to charge batteries of electric vehicles.

A city in South Korea flipped the switch on a road this week that will provide an electric charge to commuter buses on an inner-city route, officials say. The wireless power will be used to run two buses on round-trip routes of 24 kilometers (nearly 15 miles).

The charging road would allow electric vehicles to have much smaller batteries, according to researchers, and to be recharged whether they're parked or on the move.

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Sat July 27, 2013
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Three Capitals Observe 60th Anniversary Of Korean Armistice

Tourists visit the Korean War Veteran Memorial on the National Mall on Friday.
Saul Loeb AFP/Getty Images


Sat July 6, 2013

Following Up On Reports From The SFO Plane Crash

Originally published on Fri July 12, 2013 10:49 am



It's WEEKENDS on ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Rebecca Sheir.

More now on the breaking news out of San Francisco. That's where an Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul, South Korea, crashed earlier today. A team from the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating. Details are still sketchy surrounding the crash at San Francisco International Airport, which occurred at 11:36 a.m. Pacific Time.

NPR's Brian Naylor joins us now with more details. Brian, what do we know about injuries?

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Tue June 25, 2013
The Two-Way

North, South Korean Sites Hacked On Korean War Anniversary

Websites in both North and South Korea were hacked Tuesday, the 63rd anniversary of the Korean War. A number of South Korean government and media websites reportedly were brought down, including that of President Park Geun Hye and the South Korean Office of Government Policy Coordination.

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Fri June 21, 2013
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With Flurry Of Goals Against S. Korea, Abby Wambach Makes History

Abby Wambach of the United States reacts during her match against South Korea Thursday at Red Bull Stadium in Harrison, N.J.
Don Emmert AFP/Getty Images

Last night, history was made on the pitch in Harrison, N.J.: Abby Wambach scored four goals against South Korea and became the all-time top female scorer in the world.

That third one — scored about 30 minutes into the first half — was her 159th, and it means that Wambach has overtaken Mia Hamm, another legendary American player.

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