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Fri December 27, 2013

Suspended Drug Focuses Attention On Cattle-Feeding Additive

Some 6,500 Holsteins are “finished” at this 2,000-acre Ordway, Colo., feedlot, where the growth promotion drug Zilmax is no longer used because it was pulled from the market by its manufacturer.
Credit Peggy Lowe / Harvest Public Media

Moves to limit a specific growth promoter have shaken the cattle industry. Zilmax is a feed additive that most people have never heard of but one that has become a huge -- if controversial -- part of U.S. beef production.

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Wed August 21, 2013
The Salt

Inside The Beef Industry's Battle Over Growth-Promotion Drugs

Originally published on Thu November 21, 2013 2:39 pm

Beef cattle stand in a barn on the Larson Farms feedlot in Maple Park, Ill.
Daniel Acker Landov

When the drug company Merck Animal Health announced plans to suspend sales of its Zilmax feed additive last week, many observers were shocked.

Yet concern about Zilmax and the class of growth-promotion drugs called beta agonists has been building for some time. In an interesting twist, the decisive pressure on Zilmax did not come from animal welfare groups or government regulators: It emerged from within the beef industry itself, and from academic experts who have long worked as consultants to the industry.

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Thu March 8, 2012

Temple Grandin Inducted into Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

Temple Grandin
Photograph Courtesy of Colorado State University

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame will recognize ten women tonight for their accomplishments.

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Tue April 12, 2011

After Successful Movie, Temple Grandin Continues to Inspire

Temple Grandin in her office of 21 years at Colorado State University.
Grace Hood

Since the release of a biographical HBO film last year, Temple Grandin has become even more of an unofficial spokesperson for autism.

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