Tom Tidwell


Tue June 26, 2012

Forest Service Chief Says There's Enough Resources to Fight Wildfires

Tom Tidwell
U.S. Forest Service
  • Tom Tidwell speaks to CPR's Mike Lamp about this year's fire season.

Fire fighters with the U.S. Forest Service are currently on the front lines of thousands of wildfires burning in Colorado and across the country. In fact there are between 100 and 150 new starts each day. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell is the man overseeing the firefighting efforts.

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Tue June 14, 2011
Wildfire Prevention

Udall Questions Forest Service Leader about Fire Mitigation

U.S. Forest Chief Tom Tidwell

Members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee – including Colorado Senator Mark Udall – questioned federal land management officials on Tuesday about their wildfire strategies in what’s already been a devastating wildfire season in the west.

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