Fri October 17, 2014

As Gas Prices Drop, Hybrid Sales Shift Into Low Gear

Originally published on Sun October 19, 2014 5:25 pm

Sales of traditional hybrids, plug-ins and all-electric cars are down about 5 percent in 2014 β€” while truck and SUV sales have jumped.
Mark Ralston AFP/Getty Images

The recent drop in gas prices may be good for consumers, but it's not such good news for hybrid car sales.

Even before gas prices started to slide, hybrid sales were falling β€” all while sales of trucks, SUVs and luxury sedans have been on the rise.

That relationship between gas prices and sales is "rather remarkable," says John Krafcik, president of the website TrueCar. "During months when gas prices are low, less fuel-efficient cars tend to take a greater share of the market and vice versa. It's a fairly one-to-one relationship."

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Wed October 15, 2014

New Report Shows Millennials Taking A Back Seat To Driving

Traffic in a cone zone.
CDOT Flickr, used with permission

Despite the improving economy, millennials are still driving less, a trend that is forecast to continue. A study from the nonprofit CoPIRG Foundation says that between 2001 and 2009, the average number of miles driven by 16-34-year-olds dropped by 23 percent.

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Tue October 14, 2014
Ask About Energy

A Visual Guide To The Oil And Gas Trucks On Colorado's Roads

Vibroseis Trucks can be a common site in areas as companies try to locate energy deposits.
BLM Nevada Flickr - Creative Commons

Oil and gas development east of I-25 requires thousands of truck trips every day along Eastern Colorado's major and not-so-major thoroughfares. Some of these conveyances have an obvious appearance and connection to the boom. Think tanker trucks transporting oil away from the well pad. Others are strangely unusual, resembling a monster truck on steroids or a ride fit for a lunar colony.

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Wed October 8, 2014

CDOT Open House Talks Express Bus Service, I-25 Managed Lanes

Grace Hood KUNC

CDOT held an open house to discuss the forthcoming changes for commuters living north of Denver. Those changes include an express bus between Fort Collins and Denver, as well as a third managed lane between Thornton and Lafayette.

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Wed October 8, 2014

Meet The RTD Man Who's Been Around For All 20 years Of Denver Light Rail

Abe Martinez, RTD's longest serving light rail operator.
Nathan Heffel KUNC

The Regional Transportation District is celebrating 20 years of light rail in Denver. The first line, the Central Rail Line –or the D Line as it’s known now– opened October 7, 1994 traveling from I-25 and Broadway to 30th and Downing.

One man has been riding on those rails, and the 48 other miles built since then, all this time.

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